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Found dead family in hotel of Tulum


Tulum.- A family of American tourists, from Creston, Iowa, was found dead in a condominium located in the Bahía Príncipe complex of this municipality, confirmed authorities in that country.

The causes are still unknown, but relatives in the United States indicated that it was not a murder, but a carbon monoxide poisoning.

Unofficially, authorities of the State Attorney’s Office informed that two bodies of minors were found in the room and two more, of adults, were found in the two rooms of the condominium, the PH1, which the family rented, composed of Kevin, Amy, Sterling, and Andrianna Sharp, for the week of March 14-21. It transpired that the first investigations show no signs of violence in the room or in the bodies.

The authorities went to the place at 3 o’clock in the morning to investigate his whereabouts, after being notified of his disappearance. The door, apparently, was not bolted.

The WHO television channel in Iowa confirmed to this media that local police informed relatives of the death of this family, for reasons not yet determined.

They also indicated that the State Department of that country had already taken control of the investigation.

Note that a friend of this family last night alerted on Facebook for the disappearance of these four people, not arriving at a basketball game they had agreed to attend.

According to her, the Sharp family left the United States for Tulum on March 15. The last time they heard about it was that night, when they confirmed that they arrived at their condominium without problems.

The family was due to return on a flight to St. Louis, Missouri on March 21 and then go to a game of basketball in Illinois, but they did not show up.

In this publication, Ashli ​​Peterson commented that social network accounts are inactive and do not answer phones.

Later, he would update this publication to inform that they had already been found, deceased, without it being a fact of blood. He also asked to respect the privacy of the family.

Another friend, who had made a publication asking to pray for the appearance of the family, then added “they were found dead, carbon monoxide.”

However, local authorities have maintained total secrecy on the issue.



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